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Left to Mass, Right to Wave





Tritonet is a musical calculator for harmony. It constitutes a visual model that provides a new tool for musicians by reintroducing the ancient ‘Circle of Fifths’ with new additional components.

The symmetrical layout allows students to find scales and chords visually while designing harmonic structures in any musical aesthetic. Easy metaphors helps to perceive the intricate details of harmony, even for young students. Tritonet education also offers new musical concepts such as Restens (modular voice leading algorithm) and Cyclic Music (Modal cycles).


Tritonet is also a MIDI controller in order to rule the tonality. Musicians can now modulate, redesign and apply predefined harmonies on production or on stage. Moreover, it turns MIDI instruments into smart musical ones, which ensures musicians play in tune, no matter how complex the harmony is. 


From a broader viewpoint, Tritonet can be seen as a map of frequencies laid out on a circle. It can be used in many other ways apart from thinking about music only for the ears.

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