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Likya Dede

Modern Dance for 2 narrators, Symphony Orchestra and Authentic instruments


The little girl is out of sleep. She asks Likya Dede to tell her a story that she has not heard before. Likya Dede accepts with one condition: At the end of the story she must find the name of the story and the characters. She happily accepts the challenge and Likya Dede beings his story about a man and a woman.


Through out the story he talks about:

How they exist,
How they become lovers,

How they become one,
How they become extinguish,

How they become permanent.


The piece is symbolizing the rite of passage for the little girl. At the end of the story, she will find the name of the characters.


The source of the Likya Dede stories are based on Anatolia. His main aim is to present the wholeness of the cultures which had been shaped in thousands of years, by many civilizations.

Likya Dede has been composed as a modern dance ballet and theater at the same time. There are two main characters on the stage, little girl and Likya Dede during twelve consecutive movements. A monolog of Likya Dede pursues the dialogue and music continues.

Illustrations : Asu Ceren

Story and Music : Tolga Zafer Özdemir

Scripting : Ruteba Doğan

Inspıration : Emre Özkan 

Graphics : Asu Ceren

MIDI Symphony Orchestra: Oğuzcan Şehiraltı
Kanun: Esra Berkman
Percussions: Ömer Avcı
Saz : Alican Karapınar

Violin : Metehan Dada

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